Coordinating your day to day outfit can be quite a challenge. One of the major aspects of picking the right top goes with which pants are the best is one thing, selecting which colours are another. For this blog, we give you the general do’s and don’ts when it comes to coordinating colours.


First thing’s first, to really grasp the concept of colour coordination we have to know what a colour wheel is. Basically, a colour wheel shows a spectrum of colours ranging into millions of different colour and shade choices.

colors with different shades

There are multiple ways you can split color coordination.

  • Complimentary - self-defining, the colours are complementary to each other for example yellow and purple, minty green and white.
  • Primary Colours - Red, blue and yellow, although bright most of the time. If set right, you can create a really good outfit with these primary colours.
  • Secondary Colours - Orange, green and purple. Same with primary colours.
  • Analogous - Similar colours, next to each other in the colour spectrum to create a consistent look.

These are only some of the combinations of colours you can use.

Same Shade, Different Colours.

bruneian influencer with fans

Aliq wearing tinted yellow shades to complement his Brazil jersey back during the World Cup.

What it means by this is that your outfit can be of different colours but the tone of the outfit is similar. This is a very important tip, with this you can apply it to most outfits and look great at the end of the day.


Huge Contrasts but Complementary To Each Other.

bruneian ootd with yellow sunglasses

Notice how yellow tints are major contrasts to the blue accent but it managed to be cohesive.

This technique is pretty much similar to colour blocking, where you take completely opposite colours in the spectrum and create this make or break it outfit. The more prominent ones are colours which are bright and creates a certain shine when you look at them.


At the end of the day, you can always see if you picked the right choices of colour when you are used to it. If you see other people wearing the right combination, take some notes and why not try it out?


Iqbal Kamaludin is one of the co-founders of Sribuza Company. He mostly writes written content for different companies such as Alora Collection and Mesbaah Enterprise. His Instagram can be found @iqbaliqbaliq.