Sunglasses are an amazing way to add interest, detail, and dimension to your face.

It is a fact that there is nothing more important accessory that a man/women can wear that will enhance his/her look, image and style everything about his handsomeness/beauty more than a pair of shades, but there is a fine line between killer frames and a boring frame.

So today we are going to give some tips to help you identify your perfect shades based on face shape alone.

3 factors that go into picking the perfect glasses:-



  1. Contrast – the shape of your face and the shape of your frame need to contrast in order to balance.


  1. If you have round face - there aren’t many angles on your face, so you need a pair of frames that has more structure or more angular
  2. If you have a very rigid structure jaw face that has a lot of angles you may need something a bit softer angle.
  3. Wheare as the shape needs to contrast the opposite the size needs to match so if you have small head, you need frames that are proportionate so the size of your head and frames they should match.

  1. Selecting the right colour. Now the frame is important but colour also really need to complement too and what I meant by that if you got a lighter complexion your skin is a bit pale or maybe you’ve got light hair, you would look better in a pair of frames that is a little bit softer in colour something like a grey or even better than black. Because black is a little bit too much of a contrast. But is you have darker skin and hair complected the black looks awesome but you can get away with wearing the lighter shades as well, so if you’re dark complected and you’ve got dark skin you can pretty much do what you want.

  1. Knowing what style says what about you. The difference style of glasses sends different messages. When I want to feel like I look a little bit intelligent or interesting I will wear club master because you know as well as I when you see somebody wearing some type of club master, he just looks a little bit smatter. When someone wear a smaller frame you’ve might think he’s more serious. Style greatly impacts the way that you look so choose wisely.